Western Region : Antelope Ridge Wind Farm

Antelope Ridge Wind FarmThe proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm is located in Union County in Northeast Oregon, in one of the windiest areas in the Pacific Northwest. The wind farm was named for its location on the wind-swept ridges in the Antelope Valley, and is located nearby the operating Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm.

According to an economic impact study, Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm created $13 million in construction spending, operations revenue estimated at approximately $664,000 annually, 150 local construction jobs, and 15 operations jobs to the benefit of Union County. According to the same study, the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm, as a 300 megawatt project, would add even more long-term jobs and economic benefits, including up to approximately 165 local jobs during construction, 20 full-time operations jobs, and revenue estimated at approximately $2 million annually. The press release can be found here.

Antelope Ridge Wind Power Project LLC and Union County recently announced a tentative agreement on a Strategic Investment Program (SIP), which would infuse more than $40 million into Union County (based on a 300 megawatt project), including $1 million for local schools. The SIP structure ensures that approximately 70% more tax dollars stay locally to benefit Union County residents.

In addition to sharing the tax benefits of the project throughout the entire County, the SIP also provides special benefits for schools, for the taxing districts the project is located in, and for the two communities located closest to the project. A press release regarding the SIP can be found here.

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm has all the basic components necessary for a successful wind farm: access to high voltage transmission lines, leased and appropriately-zoned private land with willing landowners, and a stable, strong wind resource.

The wind resource at Antelope Ridge Wind Farm is unique in Oregon:  the winds peak in the winter when the electricity is needed most in the Northwest. This homegrown energy resource helps diversify the Northwest regional portfolio, moving the Northwest and the nation towards energy independence.

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm is in the midst of Oregon’s Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) siting process for an approximate capacity of up to 300 megawatts (MW) –enough electricity to power approximately 90,000 homes with clean, home-grown energy each year.

The Antelope Ridge Final Application for Site Certificate has benefited from nearly three years of environmental study and community conversations, resulting in a thoughtfully considered approach of avoiding and minimizing impacts, then mitigating. Over the three years, this has resulted in significantly increased buffer zones and setbacks and has reduced the project size to protect wildlife and other important resources, including an increased setback from the City of Union.

The Notice of Intent, submitted April 27, 2009, and Final Application for Site Certificate, submitted December 30, 2010, can be downloaded below.

Final Application for Site Certificate (ASC)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Press Releases

Fact Sheet

City of Union Visual Simulations


Oregon Department of Energy’s EFSC homepage

For inquiries pertaining to this wind farm, please contact an EDPR representative.